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Reduce Healthcare Cost

Our flat rate is affordable for almost anyone, young or old.
$49 for each visit or our monthly plan for $155 with unlimited appointments.

Reduce Pressure On You When You Need Healthcare

No matter where you are, we can delivery non-emergent care to you and or your loved ones

Continuum Of Care

Our patient centered system allows you to sign-in anytime, from anywhere, whenever you need it

About Us

Call a Doctor by Video or Audio Anytime with an Appointment

Many healthcare systems around the world together with government agencies and startup companies are building and delivering Telehealth solutions - the future of non-emergency and routine healthcare delivery

  • Cold | Cough | Fever | Flu | Sore Throat
  • Chronic Disease - Thyroid | Diabetes | COPD
  • Allergies | Asthma | Sneezing | Runny Nose
  • Joint Pain | Back Pain | Nerve Pain | Ear Aches
  • Need Rx Refills - We Have You Covered - Whatever Your Need
  • Stomach Upset - Diarrhea | Bloating | Heartburn
Our Services

Our Healthcare Services

Our Medical Providers can cover nearly all your needs. We treat all ages from Newborns to Seniors. We can treat most of your "Acute Non-Emergent" needs with Telemedicine online. We can treat all your needs "Acute or Chronic" in our clinics - in person


EKGs, Hypertension, Low Blood Pressure

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Head | Eyes | Ears | Nose | Throat - HEENT

Migraines, Dry / Pink Eyes, Otitis Media (Ear Infections) Sinus Infections, Sore Throat, et cetera

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Rashes, Psoriasis, Skin Tags, Warts, Acne, Fungal Infections, et cetera

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Mental Health

Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

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Osteoarthritis, DJD, Knee and Joint Injections

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Acid Reflux, Diarrhea, Bloating, Stomach Cramps/Pain, H. Pylori Infections, IBS

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How To Get Started by Using Our System

Just click - Make an Appointment - and follow the prompts. The entire appointment process takes approximately 2 minutes to secure yourself an appointment for immediate healthcare

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Patient Onboarding

Once we have you in our systems, the process just gets simpliar for future healthcare

Going Live

Click - Make an Appointment - you will be live with our providers


Telehealth Virtual Health Care Solutions

Monthly Plans or Individual Plans available that you can use anytime.

  • Snodgrass' eConsult Program
  • Provide More Potential Video
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mental Health Solutions
  • Surgical Transition Solutions
Our Doctors

Specialized Doctors

Our Medical Providers are mostly Family or Internal Medicine Providers. However, if the need arises and is warranted, our Medical Providers can refer you to the appropriate specialist.


Dr. Teddie Snodgrass

Family Practice


Internal Medicine





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All that is needed is an email account and video capability.

  • Get unlimited Video Chat with a medical provider with an appointment
  • Easily book appointments and renew prescriptions
  • Skip unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care
  • Have a Remote Visit with your primary care provider over video
  • Text message with your provider

Our Latest News

We are expanding and hiring medical providers in all States. Become a part of the Snodgrass Medical Group now and receive medical care online or in person anytime you need it. We have some of the cheapest access to healthcare anywhere in the USA.